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Exploring Majors

Advisors in the Office of Academic Advising and Tykeson College and Career Advising are excited to support students who are exploring majors that match their interests and goals. We work with students to clarify interests, plan for academic requirements, and discuss career options. As part of the exploration process, advisors also help students connect with Career Readiness Coaches and many other resources that help support students’ success.

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Exploring and Specialized Advising Programs

Advising Programs in Oregon Hall support UO students regardless of major. Students are encouraged to come to Oregon Hall if they are interested in getting more support around exploring majors, transitioning to campus life, are a transfer student, or are working through the many personal circumstances that can create academic challenges. Oregon Hall advising programs also support students who want to feel more connected on campus, access support services, or find more holistic support.

Declared Majors

Students with declared majors have an academic home in their College or School. Many students have multiple advisors including advisors from major departments and specialized advising programs and services located in Oregon Hall. Students can check the name of their assigned advisor or advising unit by looking at the "Student General Information" screen of DuckWeb.

You can also review the advising list for the most relevant advising contacts.

PeerLINK Peer Advisors

PeerLINK is a University-wide Peer Advising Program.  Peer LINK Advisors are undergraduate students highly trained in the area of academic advising.  They serve as a vital link between students and the university by helping them connect with campus resources, navigate degree requirements, and explore a multitude of educational opportunities.

PeerLINK Advisors are located in 101 Oregon Hall and other campus locations. Visit their website for hours and additional information.

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