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Declare or Change Major





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Exploring Majors

Many students discover new interests, goals, and strengths in college and we have a team of advisors who specialize in working with Exploring majors (students who choose to explore their options prior to deciding on a major). It's also common for students to find that their initial major choice is no longer the best option. You can change your current major to Exploring and co-create a plan with an Exploring Advisor to discover and evaluate the many major options available to you!

Change your major to Exploring 

When do I declare my major?

Students are required to complete at least one major to graduate from the UO. Students are required to declare a major or pre-major by the end of 4th week of their sixth term (first-time freshmen) or their third term (transfer students), though many majors require an earlier declaration for on-time graduation. Advisors are here to help you with this process. Students who have not declared within that time frame will receive a registration PIN and must speak with an advisor before they can register for their next term.

How do I declare my major?

To add or change a major, you will want to connect with the academic department that offers your major or minor. Many majors and minors can be declared using an online form on the department's website, while others will require you to first meet with a faculty member or advisor in that area to declare. Regardless, a good place to start when you're ready to declare a major or minor is by checking the department's website for more information on next steps. 

Once approved, the department will send the request be processed by the Office of the Registrar, who will update your student record with your new academic program. Be aware that it can take some time for your major or minor declaration to be processed. Generally, if your request has been received by the Office of the Registrar by the add deadline (last day to add classes via DuckWeb) for fall, winter, and spring terms, your major or minor will be added for the current term. If the request is received after the add deadline, your major or minor will be effective starting the following term. If your request is received by the Office of the Registrar by the end of the fifth week of summer term, it will be effective for summer term; otherwise, requests received after the fifth week of summer will be effective fall term.