Marika Stock

Marika Stock headshot
Front Desk Services Coordinator

Background and areas of interest:

Oregon is my home: I've lived in the state for over 17 years. I have a bachelor's degree with honors in Earth Sciences from Oregon State University. I also completed a thesis while as a student (and love explaining my research to anyone who's interested!). I have experience in student leadership/management, outreach, program development, scientific research and some teaching.  When not working, I like writing (fiction/poetry), some gaming, and playing with my wonderful cat, Finny. 

What brought you to the U of O?

I was looking for a role that was student-focused in a supportive university setting and great work community—and this job at the Office of Academic Advising was perfect for this. 

How did you get involved in academic advising?

I've done some individual advising/mentoring in the past and have really enjoyed working in student services. My career path has gone through unexpected twists and turns, and I am where I am now in part due to receiving strong support and mentorship from others. It is my own past experience that helps motivate me to provide the best support for students (both my student worker team and the students that seek help from our office) from a place of compassion and understanding.