Get Connected with PeerLink!

Make the most of your time at UO by getting connected with a PeerLink Leader!

Students Sharing Information

UO’s PeerLink program matches first-year students with trained upperclassmen who serve as friendly and knowledgeable connections to campus. PeerLink Leaders help navigate the transition to the first year and provide you with personal check-ins, academic advising, and information about resources and involvement opportunities at UO.

As part of the PeerLink program, you’ll meet up with your student leader in one-on-one meetings throughout fall term, as well as in small groups of students with similar goals and interests. With connections to peers and involved upperclassmen, the PeerLink program aims to ensure you’re are able to make the most of their first year at the University.

Meetings with PeerLink Leaders will take place remotely, with occasional in-person one-on-ones available based on your preference.

What you can expect from the PeerLink program:

  • PeerLink groups made up of 4 first-year UO students, matched based on goals and interests
  • A friendly and knowledgeable UO student leader who is of second-year standing or higher
  • Four virtual meet-ups with your PeerLink group (plus your PeerLink Leader!) throughout fall term
  • A one-on-one personal check-in with your PeerLink Leader near the beginning of fall term
  • A one-on-one advising session with your PeerLink Leader to review schedule options for next term
  • Connection to resources and involvement opportunities on campus

How to get connected:

The PeerLink program is currently invite only. If you're an incoming first year student, check your UO mail account to see if you've received an invite! If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please contact Kris Katkus at and he can be sure to respond as soon as possible.