Academic Honors

There are many academic honors and awards at the university. Below are some of the more prevalent Academic Honors awarded at the University of Oregon. For a full list of how to graduate with honors and other awards, please visit the UO Catalog.

Dean’s List commencement

At the conclusion of each term during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring), undergraduate students whose grade point average is at least 3.75 and who are taking 15 or more total credits are named to the Dean’s List, and receive a special designation on their academic records. At least 12 of the credits for the term must be taken for letter grades.

Latin Honors

Graduating seniors who have earned at least 90 credits in residence at the University of Oregon and have successfully completed all other university degree requirements are eligible for graduation with Latin honors. These distinctions are determined by the Office of the Registrar, and are based on the following percentile rankings in each graduating class.

  • Top 2 percent – summa cum laude
  • Top 5 percent – magna cum laude
  • Top 10 percent – cum laude