Tykeson Administration & Operations Team

Megan Weiler, Associate Director for College and Career Advising


Contact Information: mweiler@uoregon.edu

Courtney Garcia, Assistant Director for College & Career Advising

[KORT-nee gahr-SEE-uh]
she/her/hers OR they/them/theirs

Courtney is the Assistant Director for College and Career Advising for the Global Connections and Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Paths. Courtney has been advising for eight years and worked at the UO for over two years. What Courtney enjoys most about working in higher education is helping students achieve their academic/personal/career goals and learning new things from students. Courtney is also currently a member of the UO Dreamers working group. In their free time, Courtney enjoys spending time with family, traveling and salsa dancing.

Contact Information: cgarcia6@uoregon.edu


Sarah Lambert, Academic & Career Programming Coordinator

[SARE-ruh LAM-burt]
they/them/theirs in English, o elle en español

As Tykeson’s Academic & Career Programming Coordinator, Sarah leads Tykeson-wide programming such as our two Residential Communities and Flight Path Open Houses; they also advise students within the Industry, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation Flight Path. After growing up in south Florida, Sarah earned a B.A. in Spanish and Linguistics (2015) from the University of Florida, as well as an M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education (2018) from Miami University with a dual emphasis in Student Development Theory and Diversity, Equity, & Culture. After working in the Midwest for a few years, they joined UO and the Tykeson team in 2021, where they also serve on the Latinx Strategies Group. They’re thrilled to be in the Pacific Northwest and plan to spend copious amounts of time hiking, reading, cuddling their pitbull Freyja, and playing Pokémon Go.

Contact Information: slamber4@uoregon.edu


Kim Marshel, Assistant Director for College & Career Advising

[kim mahr-shull]

Kim Marshel is the Assistant Director for College & Career Advising in the Healthy Communities Flight Path. She has worked at the University of Oregon since 2019 and has nearly 18 years of educational leadership experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Certificate in Women’s Studies and a Master’s degree in Educational Policy from Portland State University.

As a former student-athlete, she understands how difficult finding balance can be when managing multiple roles and enjoys helping students put the puzzle of college life together in a way that gives them the confidence and support needed to know they can accomplish great things. When not working with students, Kim enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, playing soccer or anything that provides an adrenaline rush.

Contact Information: kmarshel@uoregon.edu


Bil Morrill, Assistant Director
Bil Morrill, Assistant Director for College and Career Advising & Technology


Bil is the Assistant Director with the Industry, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation flight path.  He also is the interim Assistant Director with the Media, Arts, & Expression and the Public Policy, Society, & Identity flight paths.  He has worked at the University of Oregon for 18 years and received his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and his Masters of Science in Counseling both from the University of Oregon. 

Contact Information: bmorrill@uoregon.edu