Questions about Petitions

After you have read current term registration questions and previous term registration questions pages and you would like to petition, please check here to see which office you need to meet with. Please be advised, you are petitioning to have an exception granted on a university requirement. APPROVAL IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Office of the Registrar:
2nd Floor Oregon Hall
Office of Academic Advising:
101 Oregon Hall
Adding courses past the deadline (any term)
Change in grading option when it affects 168 ABCDP*/45 ABCD credits for Graduation
Change in grading option past the deadline (current term - weeks 8-10)
Credit by exam
Receive credit twice for the same course
Refunds for individual courses (not completely withdrawn) in a term (current or retroactive)
Register for more than 24 credits/more than 18 credits on probation (any term)**
Reduction in graduation requirements
Selective withdrawal past the deadline (current term - weeks 8-10)
Add or reduce variable credit past deadline (any term)
Petition to repeat a non-repeatable course
Academic reinstatement
Cancellation of academic probation (ONLY IN CASES OF ADMIN ERROR)
Cancellation of disqualification
Retroactive complete or selective withdrawal for a "W" (term has ended)
Retroactive change in grading option (term has ended)
Retroactive contested grades (term has ended)
Refunds for withdrawing from all courses (Complete Withdrawal) in a term (current or retroactive)

**Students wishing to register for 22-24 credits must get approval from their departmental major advisor (if you are undeclared, you will meet with an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising, all other students must meet with departmental advisor).

Scholastic Review Committee - Winter 2020

Tuition Refund Committee - Winter 2020