Meet with an Advisor

Undergraduate students should be meeting with their declared, undeclared, or special campus program advisors once a term. Taking action by meeting with an advisor will allow you to make informed decisions and plan ahead. They can also connect you to opportunities and resources across campus. You may work with multiple advisors.

Office of Academic Advising

Oregon Hall

To make an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising:

Call 541-346-3211
Come to 101 Oregon Hall

Office Hours

  • Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Drop-In Advising Hours

Drop-in advising is intended for current UO students with quick questions.  Drop-in sessions are limited to 10-15 minutes.  Appointments are strongly encouraged.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  (Need to sign in no later than 3:45 PM)
  • Wednesday - 11:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Need to sign in no later than 3:45 PM)

The Office of Academic Advising can assist you with:

  • Major Exploration
  • How to declare a major
  • Degree and general education requirements
  • Course planning
  • Academic policies, regulations, and petitions
  • Options if you are having academic difficulty


  • Provide a safe, respectful, and confidential* space to ask questions, discuss your interests, and express your concerns.
  • Keep notes of your advising sessions that are recorded in AdvisorTrac.
  • Understand and effectively communicate UO degree requirements.
  • Assist and support you in making course and major decisions.
  • Make effective referrals that allow you to navigate the university successfully.


  • Take notes during advising meetings and keep a record of your advising sessions.
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor once a term (schedule appointments early!).
  • Come to appointments prepared with your degree audit and a list of questions and/or topics to discuss.
  • Research programs, policies, procedures, and opportunities as appropriate.
*MANDATORY REPORTING: In an effort to connect students with appropriate resources, our office has a mandatory reporting policy (required by state law) for reported cases of child abuse and prohibited discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Resources and Referrals

Departmental Advisors

Students who are declared or want detailed information on a specific major should meet with a department or professional school or college advisor

  • Department and major specific requirements
  • Degree planning
  • Major/Minor declaration
  • Research opportunities
  • Course enrollment information

Departmental Advisors

Other Advisors on Campus

You might have an advisor from one of our wonderful campus advising programs.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar can help you with:

  • Transfer course equivalencies
  • Advanced credit
  • Registration problems

Office of the Registrar