Explore Majors

Students are required to complete at least one major to graduate from the UO. Information about the various majors is available in the list of majors and minors. Students are required to declare a major or pre-major by the end of 4th week of their sixth term (first-time freshmen) or their third term (transfer students).   Students who have not declared within that time frame will receive a registration PIN and must speak with an advisor before they can register for their next term.  Students are eligible to change their major at any time, however, it is imperative to speak with an advisor first before changing a major.

Keep in mind that many majors require the completion of core requirements. For example, science students, though exploring, must take mathematics and, usually, general chemistry in the freshman year. Postponing foundation classes can extend the time it takes to earn a degree in some majors.

Students reviewing majors.